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Church Altar

Welcome to ACNA West! ACNA West is a collaboration between 7 Dioceses of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) for shared ministry in multiple initiatives. 

  • Dioceses included in ACNA West

    • The Anglican Diocese of Cascadia

    • The Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin

    • The Anglican Diocese of the Southwest

    • The Anglican Diocese of the Upper Midwest

    • The Anglican Diocese of the Western Gulf Coast

    • The Diocese of Western Anglicans & the Yellowstone Missionary District

    • The Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth

1. ACNA West Misconduct Reporting Office receiving and addressing reports of misconduct within any ACNA West Diocese.

2. ACNA West Board of Examining Chaplains administering exams for candidates for Holy orders from the ACNA West and Partner Dioceses. 

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