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Objective Exams

Both Presbyteral and Diaconal candidates will take 4 objective exams in the areas listed below. These exams include multiple choice, true fall, fill in the blank and matching questions. Like all ACNA West exams these objective exams are diagnostic in nature. They are intentionally robust with the intention of challenging candidates in order to determine the depth and bread of their knowledge in each of the 4 content areas. 

Once a candidate whose name has already been submitted by the Diocesan Representative is ready to write the Objective Exams, the candidate will alert the Common Canonical Exam Coordinator. In addition, the candidate or Diocesan Representative must submit the name and contact information for an Exam Proctor. Objective Exams will be sent by the Common Canonical Exam Coordinator to the Proctor. 

Candidates may take the Objective Exams at any time throughout the year. Candidates are encouraged to complete the Objective exams within a 60 day period, though this may be adjusted by Diocesan and candidate request. Objective Exams will typically be returned to the candidate within 7 days.  

Objective Exam Areas with Study Guides

ACNA West Objective Exams FAQ

Q: What happens if a candidate fails an exam? All ACNA West Exams are diagnostic, meaning there is no failing the exam. Candidate exams will be sent to their ordaining Diocese who will determine how best to support the candidate in attaining competence if needed.


ACNA West is a partnership between 6 Dioceses of the Anglican Church in North America.

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