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Mission & Purpose

ACNA West is made up of six dioceses within the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) located in the western United States, Mexico and Canada and who are committed to working collaboratively. One of their initiatives is to ensure a robust and consistent evaluation process for individuals seeking a call to holy orders and to this end the Dioceses have developed a common Board of Examining Chaplains.  


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ACNA West 

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Our History

ACNA West was founded in 2015 by the Bishops of 5 Dioceses of the Anglican Church in North America who believed that common ministry could benefit the Body of Christ. They were Churches for the Sake of Others, the Diocese of Cascadia, the Anglican Diocese of the Southwest, the Diocese of Western Anglicans and the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin. 

These bishops determined that developing a common Canonical Examination offered to candidates for ordination in all of their Dioceses would bring unity to the Church and ensure highly trained clergy serving in their Dioceses. The first presbyteral  ordination essay exams were administered in 2016.


In 2022 ACNA West expanded to include the Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes. Also in 2022 the Bishops expanded their efforts to include diaconal ordination exams. In 2023, the Canonical Exams were re-designed to include Objective Exams for both presbyteral and diaconal candidates. 

Member Dioceses


Anglican Diocese of Cascadia

san joaquin.png

Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin

Western Anglicans.png

Diocese of Western Anglicans

diocese southwest.png

Anglican Diocese of the Southwest

great lakes.png

Anglican Diocese of the Great Lakes

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