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Diaconal Canonical Exams - General Information

A common canonical examination for candidates to the Diaconate covering the 8 Canonical Areas has been developed and is administered by the Board of Examining Chaplains of ACNA West. Study guides for each topic can be reached by clicking on the links below. 

The Common Canonical Exams for Deacons includes 4 Objective Exams and 8 Essay Exams as specified below. 

Exam Administration Details

All exams administered through the ACNA West Board of Examining Chaplains are routed through the ACNA West Common Canonical Exam Coordinator. The name and contact information for candidates for Exams are submitted to the Common Canonical Exam Coordinator by a designated representative of each participating Diocese. The candidate will identify a Proctor and submit the name and contact information for the Proctor to the Common Canonical Exam Coordinator. 

Exam sets will then be emailed to the Proctor. Candidates may write the exam sets in any order and at time mutually convenient to the Candidate and Proctor. 

Objective Exams Description

Candidates for ordination to the Diaconate will take objective exams in the four areas listed below. Detailed information and study guides are available on the Objective Exams page of the ACNA West website. 

Holy Scripture - Old and New Testament 


Church History & Anglican Church History 

Anglican Ecclesiology & Polity

Essay Exams Description

Diaconal candidates will write one set of essays for each of the eight Canonical Areas listed below.. Study guides for each area can be accessed by clicking on the titles below. Essay sets include short answer and essay. Candidates have 3 hours to write each of the essay sets. 

Holy Scripture



Church History & Anglican Church History

Ascetical Theology

Moral Theology & Ethics

Practical Theology

Missionary Work of the Church

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